Why Do I Need a Roof Inspection?

a roofer inspecting a slanted roof

Like All Things, Your Roof Can Wear Down

Your roof is meant to handle the weather, it’s a fact that it was built to provide shelter in the rain and help insulate the home when the temperature drops. Like all other things built up however, they get worn down over time. Age, storms, and human accidents all have an effect on your roof, and can be easily found through a roof inspection. If you find yourself in need of a roof inspection, call (303)-997-9024 today to schedule an appointment.  
As shown by our friends in Minnesota, when roof damages build up and roofers never inspect your roof, your roof will eventually have to get restored. Roof restoration often is a service for homeowners of aged houses or heavily damaged roofs. Regular inspections prevent untimely roof restorations.

What Does a Roof Inspection Include?

In a normal roof inspection the roofer inspects every part of your roof both in search of damages and to gain assurance that it is fully prepared for any weather. For what is a complimentary service, here is what ATS Exteriors looks for when providing a roof inspection. 

  • Workmanship – Some of the damage that homeowners experience through their roofs can be from faulty craftsmanship or accident, we make sure to look over our own and other roofers work to make sure it is done right. 
  • Material status – Overtime, whether your roof is wood, asphalt, or metal, the materials can wear down. We go over each shingle or plate of your roof to make sure that if they need replacing, you know. 
  • Interior inspection – The interior of your roof can be just as important as the exterior. We make sure there’s both no evidence of leaking and that the structure is still supported from the inside. 

Many customers often ask: “Are roof inspections free?”

Roof inspections are generally free and complimentary with most roofing companies. Only costing anything when the roofer finds damages and sets out to repair them. Our qualified roofers are trained to get the job done, knowing what to look for when problems arise and how to fix them in Broomfield, CO.

A drone roof inspection

Binoculars and Drones Won’t Get The Job Done

We see it often enough, some clients occasionally avoid roof inspections in favor of doing it themselves. Some homeowners who cannot get atop their roof use binoculars to inspect their roof. However, roof inspections with binoculars do not work due to the high chance the homeowner can miss smaller details like hail damage or cracked tiles. 

With the advancement of technology, we’ve also seen the use of drones to help with personal roof inspections. Even with a high tech camera, we do not recommend the use of drones for roof inspections. A trained roofer understands what they’re looking for, getting up close and personal with your roof to the extent to where a drone simply can’t do. Along with looking at every detail of your roof, we test to make sure some of the problems we see are actually problems. Whereas a drone can only provide a visual of a cracked shingle or blatant dent, they cannot detect subtle impacts often seen with hail or test whether it is damage that needs to be repaired. 

We at ATS Exteriors understand the interest in using binoculars or drones to inspect your roof, but neither will ever be as competent as one of our experienced roofers.

When Should I Get a Roof Inspection?

The general agreement among roofers is at minimum, your roof needs an annual roof inspection. Roofs as mentioned are made to last, with materials that are meant to be long lasting. However, upon certain events your roof may receive damage. Here are a few occasions in which we firmly suggest scheduling a roof inspection after:

  • Each time after a severe storm or heavy deep freeze
  • In the event your roof receives damages 
  • When moss or plants begin growing from your roof
  • Upon detection of a leak on the interior of your roof

Insurance companies often see your roof as the gateway to greater damages to your home when compromised, ATS Exteriors takes the same view. With how hectic the Colorado weather can get, don’t hesitate and call today at (303)-997-9024 if you suspect your home may need an inspection.

How Do You Handle a Roof Insurance Claim?

Unfortunately, when your roof receives damages, the need can arise to file a claim to pay for repairs. Upon starting this process, homeowners send in a heavy amount of paperwork to their provider and hope the claim adjuster agrees with your details. 

Instead of handling the stress on your own, allow us to help with our roof insurance claim help service. Our roofers remain up to date with modern insurance policies, coupled with an experience in finding and repairing damages in your roof, they have every qualification needed to help you. If you ever find yourself in need of help when filing a roof insurance claim, ATS Exteriors has your back with one call to (303)-997-9024.

Two Questions to Keep in Mind

Does a roof inspection help with mortgage? 

  • A roof inspection for mortgage will help in the case of an argument for a mortgage. Roofers often provide written details for proof of condition. 

Roof inspection for home purchase?

  • It’s common sense to know every detail about your next purchase, especially a home. We recommend prior to purchasing or selling a home, contract ATS Exteriors out to have peace of mind when negotiating the sale or purchase. 
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Call Us for Your Roof Inspections

Our reviews speak for themselves, a call to our location in Broomfield, CO is a call to repair your roof. ATS Exteriors helps take the stress out of roof care and we’ll be happy to help you today. Call (303)-997-9024 today.