When is the best time to replace a roof?

contractor replacing residential roof

A New Roof for Your Home

Your home is probably the biggest financial investment you’ll ever make. Even if you sell and downsize, it will still be a big and important investment. Like anything you’ve invested money and time in, you want to protect it, and with you home, the roof is the most important part of your investment. So, when it comes time to for roof repair or roof replacement, you need to know which is the better option. Connect with our team for more about a roof replacement in Broomfield, CO. Dial (303)-997-9024 to get started.

What is a roof replacement?

Roof repair is obvious: It is repairing what is already in place. Roof replacement however is more detailed, more expensive, and more time consuming. Roof replacement starts by tearing off the old roof, all the way to the plywood decking. Next, the roofing contract will make any repairs needed to the decking and framing before applying the new felt paper and new shingles.

A roof replacement can be installed without removing the old shingles. However, it is the recommendation of most roofing contractors.  It is less expensive if you have the contractor leave the old shingles, which is why many homeowners opt to do that.

How is a roof replaced?

Roof replacement is serious business for a homeowner. Knowing what to expect when the job starts can help you understand the cost factor. A professional roofing crew can complete a roof replacement on an average-sized home within three to four days. The process will go something along these lines:

1.    Tear off existing shingles and toss into a roll-off dumpster. This will include any damaged or old drip edging and flashing. Request the roofing crew lay down tarps to cover any bushes, flowers, shrubs and so they can collect all the debris and nails. 

2.    Make any minor repairs if needed, replaced bad wood, decking, 2×4 boards, etc.

3.    Install ice dam if required.  

4.    Starting from bottom and working upward, apply overlapping rows of asphalt roofing paper to prevent water penetration into the house.

5.    Install metal drip edging all around the edge, including the eaves and gables.  

6.    Install new valley flashing where needed and seal with roofing caulk.

7.    Install the shingles, starting at bottom by eaves and work upward to the peak.

8.    Apply roof vents as shingle installation progresses.

9.       Apply additional flashing where possible leaks around chimney, skylights, and stack vents. 

10.   Install the ridge vent along the roof peak.  

11.   Cleanup, pack up, and haul all roofing debris away.

12.   Roof inspection by customer and building inspector.

adding new shingles to a roof

What is included in roof replacement?

A roof replacement by a professional roofing contractor will include:

  • Inspect the existing roof, take measurements, and generate the estimate
  • Provide detailed bid that includes financing, hauling away, warranty information, timeline
  • Install new sheathing if needed
  • Install new underlayment
  • New ice and water dam
  • Install new drip edge
  • Install new flashing, rubber boots, sealants
  • Install new shingles
  • Install new ridge ventilation
  • Install gable ventilation if required

What do I need to know before I get a new roof?

Roof replacement is an expensive and time-consuming must-do project that all homeowners will be required to undertake at some point. Here are ten things you should know when you’re considering having this project done: 

  • Selecting The Right Material: choose a material that looks good on your home, will have a long lifespan, and is affordable.
  • Tear Old Off or Layer New: you can choose to have the contractor leave the existing roof to stay on and the new one layered on top.
  • Examine Roof Frame: With or with no leaks, before the roof replacement begins, make sure all the supporting woodwork is in good condition. 
  • Considering DIY: As a homeowner, you want to save money where you can, and many roof their home instead of hiring it out to a professional. Highly unrecommended.
  • Choose A Roofing Contractor: Choose a reputable company with current and recent references
  • Roof replacement is Loud: roof replacement is loud. From removing the old to install the new.
  • The Contract: Before the roof replacement job begins, have a contract in hand signed by you and the roofing contractor that has all the details you were quoted covered, including complete roof replacement cost.
  • Essential Documents: Along with the contract request they show you the building permit and their insurance.
  • Confirm clean up when job is completed: If you had the old roofing tore off, make sure all the debris and nails are cleaned up before you pay the contractor.   

When should I replace my roof?

When choosing between roof replacement vs roof repair, these are the things to consider:

  • The Roof Age: The average lifespan of a roof is between 20 to 25 years. If your roof as reach 20 years, feel lucky and start getting quotes for a roof replacement.
  • Buckling and Curling Shingles: One or to curled shingles could be replaced and all will be fine for your roof. If there are several buckling or curling, a roof replacement is in order.
  • Roof Valleys Are Rusted or Worn: If the shingles in the valleys are broke or missing, time for a roof replacement.  
  • Chimney Flashing Needs Missing: The metal flashing is important on a roof providing protection. If any is missing, replacing just that may be sufficient. If there is very many areas that it is missing, roof replacement is recommended.
  • Shingle Granules Fill the Gutters: As a roof wears out, it will begin shedding granules from the shingles. If you are noticing an extensive amount in the downspout or gutters, we recommend roof replacement.  
  • Daylight Shining Through in The Attic: If you see sun shining through into the attic, you can’t get a roof replacement fast enough.
  • Sagging Areas of Roof: If your roof has any sagging areas, you have a possible serious problem and immediate roof replacement and structural attention is needed.

Can I replace a roof myself?

Yes, if you aren’t afraid of heights, have tall ladders, a good hammer and some friends to come help you. Keeping I mind, if you do your own roof replacement, you won’t have any guarantee on the work done, you won’t have any warranty, and the shingle manufacturer may not honor their warranty on the materials used if not installed by a certified professional.

installing new shingles

A Few Last Words: 

Why roof replacement? Some of the things we mentioned above could be repaired instead of having a total roof replacement. You need to ask the contractor how long that repair will last though, and if it is anything less  than a year, it isn’t worth the money. Dial (303)-997-9024 to learn more about our services, such as roof replacement in Broomfield, CO.