Roof Damage During Storm

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Learn More About Roof Storm Damage

When the unexpected occurs with your roof it’s important to be prepared. Roof storm damage is an occurrence that can often leave roofs damaged by water, high winds, hail impacts, and more. In order to have your roof in proper conditions, it’s best to have a roof inspection implemented after roof storm damage has taken place. Get in contact with your qualified local roofing company to see what services they can do for you. Until that time, here is some general informaiton regarding roof storm damage that can be helpful.

What do you do after storm damage?

After a storm has impacted your home it’s best to consider your level of safety and decide whether to leave the premises before taking action. With severe roof storm damage like a fallen tree, standing water, or metal objects near downed wires it may be best to seek another shelter. With compromised structural damages leave the building and do not reenter it. Once emergency services have been rendered you may be able to consider the implementation of repairs with your insurance and roofing company of choice.

How long do you have to file an insurance claim after a storm?

You may be able to file a roof storm damage claim within a year from the date the disaster took place. A proof of loss form may be required to be filled out and signed with some insurance companies.

How do I claim storm damage to my roof?

The roof storm damage claims process will typically involve reaching out to your insurance claims department to start making a claim. They will send out an adjuster and or require you to contact a roofer for a roof inspection so pictures and an official report can support your claim. They will speak with you over the specifics of what can be covered depending on your policy.

Roof Inspection Storm Damage

Experts recommend having your roof inspected twice a year or especially when roof storm damage has taken place after severe weather has hit. Not only will a roof inspection allow for all areas to be observed as far as conditions, but it will also support any claims that need to be made to cover damages.

Does homeowners insurance pay for water damage?

Water damages incurred in your home that are sudden and unexpected can be covered by homeowners’ insurance. They can consider fixing a leak caused by roof storm damage yet it’s still important to reach out to your insurance company for more information. Typically they will not cover damages from neglect, a lack of maintenance, or a flood. 

Will homeowners insurance cover leaking roof?

A roof leak can be covered by homeowners’ insurance if they are caused by a covered peril such as with roof storm damage. If there are exclusions on your policy like with wind or hail then you may not get help. 

What is considered wind damage to a roof?

Wind roof storm damage can be caused by severe winds uplifting shingles, curling them, causing gutter misalignment, causing objects like trees or debris to impact the roof, and more. High winds during a storm pose a threat since they can cause leaks and punctures from flying debris or fallen trees.

Roof Damage From Hail Storm

Roof storm damage with hail can range in severity depending on the size of the hail, the roofing materials, and the speed of winds. They can cause dings, dents, or even knock out gutters if powerful enough. Ultimately they can impact not only the roof but also siding, gutters, and other property.

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How to Tell if Roof Has Storm Damage

  • Water Spots
  • Missing, Curled, Buckling Shingles
  • Broken Flashing
  • Ice Dams
  • Roof Punctures
  • Dents
  • Dings

How to Protect Your Roof From Storm Damage

It’s best to have your roof maintained in proper conditions like with cleanliness so roof storm damage won’t cause too big of an impact. Clearing away debris and dirt can help lessen the load off of your roof and prevent harsh winds from blowing them into the gutters. Water damages can form after pathways to gutters are blocked with build-up and absorbed moisture on the roof forming mold and mildew. What’s more, flying debris can knock over gutters and puncture roofs so make sure anything on the landscape is secured to the ground or other secure connections. Trimming tree branches can also help in making sure they don’t break or fall down when heavy winds come around. 

Contact Us For More Information

If you have roof storm damage and require assistance it’s best to rely on the services of your local roofing company. They will best be able to act as an intermediary with your insurance claims and guide you through the processes of getting coverage and repairs. A roof inspection will be able to provide you with the information concerning the level of damages incurred on your roof while also backing up your insurance claims. Get assistance with your roof storm damage today and save your roof from any damages caused by a recent storm.

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