How Do I File a New Roof Claim?

A Roof Damaged by a Fallen Tree.

How do I file a new roof claim?

If your roof has been damaged by a storm or other natural occurrence, you may have a good reason to file a roof insurance claim for repairs or replacement. You may wonder how to go about filing that claim. Outlined below is the process to follow to file a claim and get your roof repaired or replaced.

How to file roof insurance claim

  • Before you call your insurance company, get a reputable roofing contractor to come out, inspect your roof and provide an estimate about the damages.
  • Once the damage is determined, and an estimate made, if the estimate is more than your deductible, contact your insurance company and file the claim.
  • After the claim has been filed, you’ll meet with an insurance adjuster.
  • You’ll then receive a check from your insurance company.
  • A roofing contractor will make repairs or replacement and you’ll pay the roofer.

If you file a claim before consulting a roofing contractor, your insurance company may only provide you with a minimal payment that may not cover all of your expenses. ATS Exteriors has the experienced professionals to help you with roof insurance claims help. We can help you get full benefit of your claim. If you suspect you have roof damage, call us first at (303)-997-9024 before getting in touch with your insurer.

How do roof insurance claims work?

Most insurers follow a similar process when you file a roof insurance claim. The first thing you want to find out is what exactly your policy covers by contacting your insurer. While policies may vary, for the most part, the first thing your insurer will consider your roof’s age. If it’s less than 10 years old, you’ll probably get a better reimbursement than if it is older. For an older roof, your insurance company may reimburse you based on the roof’s depreciated value.

Whenever you file a claim, your insurance company will send out an adjuster to verify the claim. This is where a reputable roofing contractor like ATS Exteriors can help. Experienced roofers can give you a realistic estimate based on the damage, and they can help you after you file a claim by talking with the adjuster to verify the damages and estimate with paperwork, measurements and photos. 

Will homeowners insurance pay for new roof?

When your roof is damaged and needs to be replaced, it’s possible if you file a roof insurance claim, that your insurer will pay for the replacement. This will depend on the circumstances and the policy. Most homeowners insurance policies are all-perils policies. That means they cover repairs and replacement caused by natural events like a storm or an accidental event like a fire. If your roof is damaged because of aging and normal wear and tear, it is unlikely the insurer will pay for it. If your roof is older than 10 years, your insurer may only pay out a depreciated value. If it’s older than 20 years, the insurer may not cover the roof. Make sure to have as much documentation as possible such as photos and inspection reports available to ensure the claim is approved.

What roof damage is covered by insurance?

Your roof can be damaged in several ways, ranging from hail damage to fire. Lack of maintenance can also cause damage. Before you make a roof insurance claim, you need to find out what kind of damage is covered. You may ask, “Can you claim roof repairs on insurance?” If the estimate for the roof repair is more than the deductible and has been caused by hail or wind or other covered peril, then you should file a claim. An insurance claim for roof leak would be covered, for instance, if the leak was caused because hail punctured a hole in the roof. The amount reimbursed, however, may be affected by your roof’s age. An older roof may get a lower reimbursement. 

Similarly, many plumbing problems may not be covered by insurance. A burst pipe, however, if it’s happened suddenly may be covered. Damage like this will also require emergency plumbing services in Denver, CO.

Roof insurance claim for hail

One common cause of roof damage is hail. In Colorado, hailstones can get as big as golf balls or bigger, which can cause serious damage. While these large hailstones are damaging, average size stones can create just as much damage. One of the problems with hail damage is that it may be hard to identify. If you plan to file a roof damage claim after a hail storm, you definitely want to get a roofing contractor out beforehand to make sure the damage is identified properly. 

As with other claims, make sure you have plenty of documentation, including photos. Take photos of your roof and all your property that was damaged, as well as photos of the hailstones if possible. When taking a photo of the hailstones, place them next to a tape measure or ruler to show the size of the stones. Make sure to note the date and time of the storm.

Roof insurance claim denied

It is possible that your roof insurance claim can be denied. Here are the most common reasons your claim is denied:

  • The damage doesn’t meet the deductible.
  • If the damage doesn’t fit under the definition of covered perils, it will be denied. Perils include storms and fires.
  • The damage was caused by something excluded as a peril or that has limited coverage. Earthquakes and floods are commonly named as exclusions.
  • The liability for the damage falls elsewhere. A tree trimmer, for instance, might cut a branch that falls on your roof. The tree trimmer may be liable for the damage.
  • Poor maintenance. If you’ve neglected the upkeep on your home and roof, any damage won’t be covered.
A Roof Damage Assessment.

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